Educational reform in the US and Finland

While homogeneity in Finland certainly plays a role in the different trajectories of educational reform in the United States and Finland, a closer look reveals that there might be more at play:


PBS teaching timeline
Education Reform in Finland Powerpoint
PBS Benchmarks of Reform
OECD: Slow and steady reform for Finland
Statistics Finland: Education
Economic History of Finland
NYSED Historical Overview
Fordham Institute: Real lessons from Finland
Pasi Sahlberg

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8 Responses to Educational reform in the US and Finland

  1. Your post is not only informative but interesting too.

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  3. Zane C. Wubbena says:

    Reblogged this on PHIGURITOWT and commented:
    I like to say — why would I make the second best decision when I can make the best decision. Thank you, Christine!

  4. mrahikka says:

    Thank you Christine, I will use that when I come to US as a fellow Fulbrighter in August.

  5. Gail Caldwell says:

    No one could have said it better! The concepts of a student-centered focus which includes the arts and physical activity make sense. Also, the idea of having standards, but, at the same time allowing individual creativity for implementations seems like a win-win situation. In a former day, there were neighborhood schools. These spurred a lot of interest and involvement on all levels. What would be wrong with that! Keep up the good work, Christine.

  6. John says:

    Fantastic job, Christine. Linda, Harry, Jeanne and I sat captivated throughout.

    • oh man! You guys are all hanging out?!? I’m jealous!!!
      Thanks for watching it though! 🙂

      • John says:

        Yep, over pasta & vino. I look forward to talking about all you have learned and the new knowledge you have been synthesizing. It seems there is much to explore regarding size and homogeneity and where these differences could and should be transcended. See you soon.

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