about me


Newburgh Enlarged City School District

English Language Arts Teacher/Professional Development Instructor


Husdon Valley Writing Project

Teaching Consultant/Summer Institute Participant, 2009/Summer Institute Returning Fellow 2010, 2011/2011-12 Saturday Seminars planning team/Young Writer’s Program Instructor 2012/Summer Institute co-facilitator 2013


Bachelor of Arts 

State University of New York at Purchase  major: Literature    2002

Master of Arts in Teaching     ELA 7-12

State University of New York at New Paltz     2007

Master of Arts in English    

State University of New York at New Paltz   current


2012 Distinguished Fulbright Award in Teaching recipient to the University of Tampere, Finland, January-June 2013

Outstanding Teacher Leadership Recognition NECSD, 2011

Orange County Distinguished Service Award, July 2012


Senator Larkin Recognizes NFA English Teacher for Prestigious Fulbright Award Distinction

Hudson Valley Press

Washington Post

New Paltz Oracle


8 Responses to about me

  1. John Gamba says:

    Just watched your video on US vs. Finland in terms of education reform. Great analysis. Fair and balanced! We are working on a digital, project-based, social learning platform that helps build competencies for college and career readiness. Check us out @ http://www.massiveu.com

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  3. Maggie says:

    You are awesome. Just saw your flip-book movie about the privatization of our public schools. Thank you for making that for all of us. I’m a CA ELA teacher who taught 5 years in San Francisco, 2 in New York, 1 in Los Angeles, and now in first year in Orange County which is a trip. Keep up the good work and thank you again.

  4. tgillespie27 says:

    I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. If you are interested in accepting it please click on my link and the info is there (under Rules). I tried very hard to pick people whom I felt truly deserved it!Thank-you!!

  5. Abid says:

    I am impressed. Please visit my health webpage http://abiiid.com/dxn-ganoderma/

  6. Mary Sawyer says:

    You are my hero, Christine! We watched your :A Message to Parents…” in Student Teaching Seminar last night. I also loved your post on Finnish hockey!

  7. denib14 says:

    Thank you for taking the time to read my blog xx

  8. Can’t wait to start reading about this incredible opportunity in Finland!! All the luck, read you soon, Alexandra (an architect teaching Advanced English in Mexico…)

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