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I am a teacher, a wife, a proud aunt, a dog rescuer, a person who has been rescued by my rescued dogs, a hiker, a four time (phew!) cancer survivor, a runner, a tattoo addict, a vegetarian, an advocate, a friend and a happy traveller. Enjoy!

Educational reform in the US and Finland

While homogeneity in Finland certainly plays a role in the different trajectories of educational reform in the United States and Finland, a closer look reveals that there might be more at play: resources:  PBS teaching timeline Education Reform in Finland … Continue reading

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PISA scores and Poverty

I’ve been explaining this to countless Finnish teachers and it has been provoking so many interesting conversations about equity and resources, that I thought I would simplify it into a visual representation.  Find the articles that I sourced most of … Continue reading

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Finland’s Choice-Based Educational Structure

This infographic illustrates the various trajectories students can follow to become educated, socially valuable, successful members of their society -one of the high points of what I have seen in the months I have been here… Enjoy!

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school spaces

Thanks to Bonnie Kaplan, here is a collection of shots from the schools I have been spending time in. They illustrate what the typical schools look like -comprised of open areas flooded with bright outside light, clean community spaces, and … Continue reading

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A roller coaster ride at the Nobel Prize Museum

While in Stockholm last week, I had the opportunity to visit the Nobelmuseet, a museum chronicling and showcasing the creative endeavors of the past 112 years of Nobel Laureates’ work. As I walked up the steps facing Stortorget Square and … Continue reading

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the. best way to cross a frozen lake. ever.

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What happens when we turn the educational hierarchy upside-down?

There is no doubt that the federal role in U.S. public schools has increased dramatically over the past decade with the adoption of No Child Left Behind and its equally intrusive successor, Race to the Top.  Local and state control … Continue reading

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